Your Guide In Filing For Your Company’s Annual Medical Report

At this time of the year, company doctors and nurses must have submitted their company’s Annual Medical Report or AMR.
What is Annual Medical Report?

AMR is an eight-page medical report that shows the business’ profile, Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) profile, health activities, services and medical reports. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

These medical reports include the number of reported diseases, the number of employees who undergone medical examinations, immunization programs and health hazards in the workplace. This is a requirement of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) under OSH Standards.
How is it prepared?

This report is available and its form, DOLE/BWC/HSD/OH-47, it can be downloaded from DOLE site using the link here.

Ideally, during the first month of the following year, nurses must prepare and start doing the report.
What to Fill Up

The first 6 parts can be accomplished by the employer or its representative because it is about the business’ profile.

Nurses and doctors can start in the following parts about OSH services:

β€’ You need to report the names of the regular health personnel of the company – its nurses, doctors, dentists and OSH practitioner (if available), as well as your health programs and services.

β€’ The most tedious part here is the reporting of diseases that needs to be classified per system and per gender.

However, if you are skillful enough to use technology such as MS Excel to help you sort the cases, you may do so and it is highly recommended.

And if your team has a automated health system that can automatically generate reports, you are blessed!!! πŸ‘

β€’ But it doesn’t end there, you also need to identify and report your company’s immunization and other health programs.

How many were male and female employees vaccinated with Flu vaccines, Tetanus Toxoid, Rabies Vaccine, Hepatitis Vaccine and other vaccines that are administered in your company.

β€’ How did you conduct your health programs such as Nutrition programs, Mother and Child care programs, Family Planning Activities and Mental Health Activities?

You need to have these records too!

β€’ And lastly, you will identify and report the hazards in your workplace.

At least once a year, your team should regularly conduct walkthrough survey to assess and identify the hazards in your workplace. This is for your OSH committee to create a solution against these hazards and must be reported here.
Submission of AMR

Once you finalize and complete the form, prepare 3 copies of it – one will be for safekeeping in the clinic and 2 copies will be submitted to DOLE.

One of your occupational health physicians or practitioner and employer shall put their signature in the last page and you’re all set!
When is this submitted?

Two copies of this form are submitted by the employer or its representative to the DOLE office where their business is registered on or before the last day of March of the year following the covered period.
Easy right?

However, new nurses and doctors may feel overwhelmed to the number of pages to be filled up in this form. But now that you know it, it is now easier than you think.

I suggest that during your first day, you must already prepare the tools such as MS Excel and logsheets that will help you generate the reports. Do it monthly, so that by the end of the year, accomplishing AMR is as easy as 1,2,3. πŸ‘Œ
What’s the fine?

Check out our next blog post to learn more.

If you’re an employer and you have no idea what AMR is, click here.
What’s next?

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Got more ideas? We’d love to hear them. Let us know what you think we should work on next!

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