Office Healthcare is Important.

Have you ever imagined your significant other rushed to a hospital because an accident happened at work? No. We don’t want that to happen. 🚑

It is the reason we ask, why is office healthcare important?

1. It is mandated by law that employers must practice Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) standards for their office.

2. All businesses present health and safety risk and hazards such as fires, chemical hazards, explosion, slips, trips, falls and other challenges in ergonomics and workload. Hence, managers should devote their time for health and safety programs to avoid serious consequences and ensure the wellbeing of their workers.

3. Effective office healthcare have many benefits to the employees because they become healthier, more productive, happier and their absenteeism is decreased.

4. Effective office healthcare is also an advantage to employers because it is cost-effective. Remember! Injured employees because of some work-related accidents mean countless lost of man hours and increase HMO expenses.

5. Companies that prioritize office healthcare create a good name from their employees and retention is increased.

6. Clinic management and other health and safety programs protect workers and save employers from penalties due to non-compliance from OSH Standard.


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