How To Start A Career As Doctor In Occupational Medicine

As Occupational Health(OH) Physician, you have the capability and the power to influence the decision makers in order to shape the health landscape of the most productive segment of our population – the work force. That is of course on top of what a doctor is expected of – to take care of patient’s health through consult and appropriate diagnosis and treatment of their health conditions.

As an OH Physician, you are not just a clinician but also an executive, developing programs and implementing it on company-wide scale making sure that basic health needs and primary prevention in the workplace are carried out; compliance to governmental laws on safety and health are being practiced; and optimal fitness of the workers are considered as their job entails.

An OH Physician assumes not just a role in treating worker’s illness and diseases but more importantly a holistic approach on their health. “

– Dr. Billy

Occupational medicine is becoming popular these days because many companies are required to have an Occupational Health (OH) doctor in their offices by DOLE. But only few have idea about this field. Click here to know more about it.

The quote above is from a doctor who is a fellow in Occupational Medicine as he answers, what makes office healthcare the best place to start a career as a doctor.

This field is a branch of medicine that is recognized by Philippine Medical Association and specializes in the prevention and treatment of diseases in the workplace.

OH doctors are not just ordinary doctors who go to a clinic to check patients. They undergo intensive courses and trainings to be at the top of their specialization.
Here’s how you can become an OH Doctor:

1. One must undergo 8-day Basic Course in Occupational Medicine provided by Philippine College of Occupational Medicine or Basic Occupational Safety and Health course provided by UP- College of Public Health. These courses include intensive training, workshops, plant visit and evaluation exam to assess the attendees’ knowledge.

Once you complete the basic course, you’re good to go!

However, it does not end there.

Exploring the world of OSH requires deeper knowledge about workplace health and safety laws, policies and programs.

“As OH physician, you help the company to comply with health and safety laws and standards in order to reduce the risk and thereby minimize the expenses from violations of a company.”

– Dr. Reginald

2. After 2 years of practice in Occupational Health and being a member of Philippines College of Occupational Medicine(PCOM) and Philippine Medical Association(PMA) with good standing, you can now undergo advance course.

3. Once you pass the advance course, you’ll take the oral and written exam for diplomate.

4. After 5 years of experience as diplomate and with the recommendation from your PCOM chapter, you may now apply for fellowship.

5. You’re now a Fellow, when you pass the panel of board of examiners. Congrats! 🎉
So what are the perks?

“Occupational medicine offers better work-life balance compared to working in a hospital/clinic since you can choose how many hours of work you would do in a day while earning a decent amount of money.”

– Dr. Patrick

“Free time! 😀 – Dr. Sarah

Being a company doctor, you have the power to choose which company you want to work with depending on your preferred working hours.

Some companies offer 4-hour morning or night shift or 8-hr day or night shift depending on their operation. Hence, you can choose which company you want.

It is also easier to request for a leave if you want to go on a vacation. Just look for a very reliable reliever. 👨🏻‍⚕️

Just like Dr. Pat said, you could have work-life balance while earning a decent money when you are a company doctor.

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