If You Haven’t Heard Of “Office Health”, Allow Me To Introduce You

Office Health? Ano yun?”

In every office – related conversation, employees would usually talk about the latest office trends such as the newly opened food parks, most recent affair of their toxic officemate or the travel goals of their boss, and one’s health would be the last thing to be discussed.

Every time we ask employees if they have clinic in their companies, most of them would answer us, “hmm.. di ko talaga alam eh. (hmm.. I really don’t know)”

It is the reason why the spread of communicable diseases and the increased cases of non-communicable diseases are frequently common issue at work. In fact, Philippine Status Authority showed that over 125,000 occupational diseases in workplaces were reported last 2015. 🤧

This is where office health care comes in.
Why Is It Important?

• Because employees do get sick and hurt! Would you believe that back pain alone accounts for 32.8% of common complaints in the office? It means that 1 out of 3 employees would go to a clinic only for back pain management.

• It promotes safety and health awareness among office workers. Of course! Office health is not only about treatment and illness management, safety and health promotion and disease prevention remain to be the number 1 goal.

• You don’t need to go out of the office to seek for medical attention because offices now have clinics!

• Increases health and well being of every employee to increase efficiency and productivity in their duties and work. Businesses can save a lot of money when their employees’ health has already been taken care of in their office premises.
Who is Included in Office Health?

The Office Healthcare Providers – Doctors, nurses, dentists, safety officers and other healthcare providers 👨🏻‍⚕️

They are the frontliners of office healthcare who take good care of the workers – monitoring their safety and health, create health programs, analyze health reports, and keep the employees health records.

The Employer

They approve, coordinate with the healthcare providers and implement health programs. They provide appropriate equipments, medicines, supplies for the clinic and activities

The Employees

They are the recipients of healthcare and the most important member of the team. They are the assets of the business. They must be healthy so that they can perform well at work!


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2 thoughts on “If You Haven’t Heard Of “Office Health”, Allow Me To Introduce You

  1. I’m really interested in Occupational Medicine. I’m just waiting to have my board exam on Sept. 2020. How is the work different from community and family medicine?

    What companies are in need of physicians specializing in OH?


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