Monthly Update: March

It’s been a busy few weeks, which is awesome! When we started Ayoh Office Healthcare, we really wanted to create better yet simple office healthcare experience, one blog at a time.

Catch up on what we have achieved in our first month(March) and find out what’s in store for April!
Done in March

When we started Ayoh Office Healthcare, we really wanted to create a better yet simple office healthcare experience thru our first goal. It is to increase awareness and education to basic yet important topics for both healthcare providers and employers.

With this, we have given them the opportunity to make things right, and that for us is a way for a better office healthcare.

We have chosen 3 platforms for us to increase our visibility and reach to employers and healthcare providers:

1. Website thru WordPress

2. Facebook Page

3. LinkedIn

We decided to make our design and content simple, easy to understand, minimal and light. One of the barriers we have to break is complexity.

We also laid out our content for the whole month both for our Facebook Page and Blog. We started to post basic topics and those really needed at the moment. These contents were well curated and planned

If you want to see our content calendar, click here

At the moment, we have 3 subject categories for the blog post. These are:

1. For Business

This is for the posts that concerns HR, admin and business owners handling health and wellness of their employees. Posts will include(but not limited to) laws governing Occupational Safety &Health; setting up and handling company clinic; and wellness programs for employees.

2. For Healthcare Providers

This is for the posts that concerns nurses, doctors, and dentists working in corporate setting; how to run and sustain a clinic; salary and benefits; health and wellness programs; and trainings.

3. How Office Healthcare Works

This category covers Occupational Safety and Health laws and provisions; laws under DOLE and other appropriate governing bodies; and things that are much likely be doing regularly in Office Healthcare.

We are a believer of great content, but without great distribution all of this content won’t serve its purpose.

We wanted to increase our reach organically and not using paid ads and likes to make sure that the people who are liking, reading and sharing our posts, be it in Facebook or Blog, are the ones who are really into building a #betterofficehealthcare.

Since our launch this March, traffic on our blog has reached around 3,000 and majority of this came from our Facebook Page.


In line with our blog launch, we also launched our Facebook page that has already gathered 500 likes and followers and has reached over 50,000 people in Facebook community.


We also launched our Facebook Messenger Chat Bot to use our social media maximally in helping and answering queries. This chat bot is not in any way will replace ayoh’s human side but just to help us in serving the people better.

Look at our new Facebook Messenger here

What have we done wrong?

We are still making everything in its place and in order for our website and Facebook Page that we have forgotten to launch the LinkedIn account properly. 🙊🙈🙉

To come in April

Improve website look and functionality with better plugins and add ins.

We are currently testing our website with additional plug ins that will help us with links and appearance of our blog. We are also looking into consideration the speed of browsing our website.

Increase our organic reach and engagement for all platforms

We are slowly but surely making ways to break the barriers of silence in our platforms. We are planning engaging contents; reaching to our followers personally; and opening the platform for them to open up and share us their thoughts about #betterofficehealthcare.

Over the next months, we want to provide contents that are beneficial for everyone – for doctors, nurses and office’s management. That is why, as early as we could, we want to get your comments about what you like and you didn’t like as we build Ayoh together.

With this, we keep on inviting everyone to recommend our blog and page to our colleagues and subcribe to our weekly post.

Your subscription has been extremely useful for us so that we can monitor our audience and we have guide on what topic to discuss in our blog.

With this, we are very grateful for every one participating on creating better office healthcare experience with us. Send us an email or message us for your comments and suggestions. We reply to every one! 😉

In our Facebook Page, we are currently handling 2 Facebook groups (maybe 3) for the following:

1. healthcare providers(or separate for company nurses and company doctors)

2. HR & admin

These are still on hold and currently editing its features. We are not planning to approve requests anytime soon as we have been really thinking about the content and ways to be “not just another facebook group” for you.

Improve current status of LinkedIn account

We are now working on our LinkedIn account and ways to increase our connections and improve content that we will share.

With our features in our platform, we want to hear people say, “We can’t believe Office Healthcare couldn’t be better with Ayoh, this is what we need”.

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