Salary Discussion: How To Compute Night Differential Pay

Here’s a guide to explaining this mysterious document for doctors and nurses known as payslip.

Night Differential

Night shift differential refers to the additional compensation for work performed from 10:00 O’clock in the evening to 6:00 O’clock in the morning.

Is this only applicable for working at BPO?

No. According to DOLE, all employees working at night shift are granted with night differential pay except for some provisions.

Who are not covered by the night differential provisions?

1. government employees

2. employees of retail and service establishments regularly employing not more than 5 workers

3. domestic helpers and persons in the personal service of another

4. managerial employees

5. field personnel and those whose time and performance are unsupervised by the employer

How much is the night differential of an employee?

Plus 10% of the hourly rate for work between 10 pm and 6 am


Sample Computation:

Ordinary Shift

Let say employee hourly rate is Php 100.00/hour (Php 800 per day) and working from 11 pm to 8 am

To determine his/her night differential pay:

Ordinary day night differential pay = (hourly rate × 10% x 7 hours)

Php 100.00 x 0.10 x 7 hours = total of Php 70.00 for that 7 hours(Php 10.00 per hour)


Ordinary day night differential pay?

Yes. Different computations if that night falls into a holiday.


Ask for your payslip. Know what’s in it and know what’s for you. You earned it.

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