Penalties For Violation (OSH law)

Previously, we discussed about the new law and IRR mandating stricter compliance to Occupational Safety and Health in your offices (read here)

In line with the requirements, the Department of Labor and Employment carried out the list of penalties for violations of the prohibited acts that are against Occupational Safety and Health Standards.

What are the penalties for failure to meet the following acts?


Take note as well that according to the implemented Rules and Regulations:

1. Willful failure or refusal to comply with OSH Standards or compliance orders shall be penalized with not more than P100, 000 daily until full compliance; reckoned from the date of issuance of Notice of Results or Compliance Order.

2. Repeated violation of the same prohibited act shall be penalized of the corresponding fine plus 50% for every instance of repeat violation

3. When the violation exposes the worker to death, serious injury or serious illness, the imposable penalty shall be P100,000

4. Additional P100,000 fine for refusal to access the workplace, refusal to provide or allow access to records, obstruct conduct of investigation, misrepresentation and making retaliatory measures such as termination, refusal to pay, reducing wages and benefits or discriminates any worker who has given information relative to inspection

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