Payslip Basics for Occupational Health Workers

Aside from checking our bank accounts if we already have our salaries available during payday, what else do we check? Of course, payslip. 🧾

The contents of payslip provide accuracy and clarity regarding the concerns about employee’s compensation and benefit. It is also a proof that the company is paying the employee properly and not below the minimum wage and complying with the government-mandated contributions.

As health employee, one may work in the morning or at night. One may also work during a holiday or may be required to work more than 8 hours.

That is why, it is important that all hours of work are being paid properly in accordance to the Labor Law and it must be reflected in one’s payslip.

With this, Ayoh Office Health will discuss to you the contents of payslip.

According to the Omnibus Rules Implementing the Labor Code (Rule X – Administration and Enforcement), every employer must pay their employees through payroll with the following information (the sample image below highlights the required information in a payslip):


A. Length of time to be paid

These are the dates you worked during the cut off period of your company. Ideally, companies should be paying their employees every 15 days of the month.

In our payslip above, it should have included number of hours or days the employee reported for duty.

B. Basic Salary

This is the actual rate in your contract or agreement. This is the rate of pay per hour/day/week/month.

Though the payslip above didn’t include the rate, it may be hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rate as basis for computation of salary.

C. Amount due for regular work

This is the total amount of salary depending on the number of days that you work

D. Amount due for overtime work

Overtime pay will be added to your basic salary if you worked more than 8 hours or if you are required to work during your rest day.

Make sure your payslip indicates the total number of hours for you to compute it yourself(overtime pay os different from your regular hourly rate,, so computation is different).

E. Deductions made from the wages of the employees

These are the government–mandated contributions, taxes, loans, etc that will be deducted from your basic salary.

F. Amount actually paid (net pay)

This is the total amount that you will receive wherein all additional incomes, overtimes and deductions were already computed. This is the total money youll will have in your pocket.

Other details are also included in the payslip:

· Name of the employer

· Name of the employee

· Payment Date

· Breakdown of your Additional Income like bonuses, allowance, commissions

· Breakdown of any Adjustments if there are disputes from previous payroll

· Breakdown of taxable and non-taxable expenses paid by your employer owed by you (like salary deductions, loans etc)

· Year-to-date summaries of your total income and taxes that are paid by the company

· Number of days/hours of work and absences – lates, overtime, undertime, holidays

As an employee, one is entitled to a detailed payslip. S/he has the right to check if s/he gets correct amount of compensation based on the number of hours or days s/he worked; and if her/his government contributions are being properly paid.

As an employer, on the other hand, one has the responsibility to properly pay the employees and all the government-mandated contributions that need to be paid regularly such as Philhealth, SSS/GSIS and Pagibig. These have to be reflected on the payslip that is provided in order to establish trust and improve employee welfare.

To close this discussion, if you don’t understand anything on your payslip, you may speak with someone in your payroll department where you are working regarding your concerns.


Want to tell us your salary story? We got a lot of feedback from healthcare providers not getting exact salary, long waiting times, and hard to understand payslips.

We want to understand where you’re coming from and we want you to share with us your story about it.

With this we (including you) will look into this and find ways to lessen this friction.

Email us at and share your story. ✉

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