What Are The OSH Reports That All Establishments Need To Submit?

OSH Law requires companies to submit reportorial requirements monthly or annually. Here are the reports that you need – W.A.A.R.M Work Accident/ Illness Report (WAIR) Occupational Safety and Health exists to protect the employees from health and safety issues such as work-related accidents and occupational illnesses that may lead to disability or even death. WithContinue reading “What Are The OSH Reports That All Establishments Need To Submit?”

Salary Discussion: How To Compute Overtime Pay

Here’s a guide to explaining this mysterious document known as payslip. 🧾 Overtime rate is different from your regular hourly rate. Here’s how to compute your hard earned overtime. A. Working on Regular Day Let say the nurse’s hourly rate is Php 100.00/hour and working 8 hours/day with 2 hours overtime To determine the employeeContinue reading “Salary Discussion: How To Compute Overtime Pay”

Payslip Basics for Occupational Health Workers

Aside from checking our bank accounts if we already have our salaries available during payday, what else do we check? Of course, payslip. 🧾 The contents of payslip provide accuracy and clarity regarding the concerns about employee’s compensation and benefit. It is also a proof that the company is paying the employee properly and notContinue reading “Payslip Basics for Occupational Health Workers”