Salary Discussion: How To Compute Overtime Pay

Here’s a guide to explaining this mysterious document known as payslip. ๐Ÿงพ

Overtime rate is different from your regular hourly rate. Here’s how to compute your hard earned overtime.

A. Working on Regular Day

Let say the nurse’s hourly rate is Php 100.00/hour and working 8 hours/day with 2 hours overtime

To determine the employee overtime pay:

Overtime Pay = (Hourly rate ร— 1.25 ร— hours of overtime rendered)

Php 250 = (Php 100.00 ร— 1.25 ร— 2 hours)

To determine the employee pay for that day:

Php 800 = (Php 100.00 x 8 hours)

Php 1,050.00 = (Php 800.00 + Php 250.00)

Ask for your payslip this payday. Know what’s in it and know what’s for you. You earned it.


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