Penalties For Violation (OSH law)

Previously, we discussed about the new law and IRR mandating stricter compliance to Occupational Safety and Health in your offices (read here) In line with the requirements, the Department of Labor and Employment carried out the list of penalties for violations of the prohibited acts that are against Occupational Safety and Health Standards. What are theContinue reading “Penalties For Violation (OSH law)”

Salary Discussion: How To Compute Night Differential Pay

Here’s a guide to explaining this mysterious document for doctors and nurses known as payslip. Night Differential Night shift differential refers to the additional compensation for work performed from 10:00 O’clock in the evening to 6:00 O’clock in the morning. Is this only applicable for working at BPO? No. According to DOLE, all employees workingContinue reading “Salary Discussion: How To Compute Night Differential Pay”