Salary Discussion: How To Compute Holiday Pay

Happy Payday Week! 💰 Happy payday week! Here’s a guide to explaining this mysterious document known as payslip. Today’s topic: Regular Holiday 🎉 When are we having Regular Holidays? New Years Day – 1 Jan 2019 Araw ng Kagitingan – 9 April 2019 Maundy Thursday – 18 April 2019 Good Friday – 19 April 2019Continue reading “Salary Discussion: How To Compute Holiday Pay”

How To Start A Career As Dentist In Occupational Health

It is important to address the oral health and well being of employees because oral issues in the office, whether it is a minor toothache or a major dental problem, can account to poor productivity, absenteeism and even poor retention of employees. 🛌 In OSH standard, hazardous offices with 100-199 employees or non-hazardous offices withContinue reading “How To Start A Career As Dentist In Occupational Health”