The Basics About Magna Carta Of Women

Sexual harassment, promotional bias at work, female genital mutilation, work restrictions?

These are just some examples of discrimination that women face around teh world. And these must end. 😣

The implementation of Magna Carta of Women aims to remove discrimination of women in the country and to promote women empowerment. Through this, women can receive equal access to opportunities and resources, as well as prevent violence and abuse at home, at school, at work and in the community.

“Discrimination Against Women”, just like the examples above, refers to the following:

  • gender-based distinction, exclusion, or restriction which has the effect or purpose of impairing or nullifying the recognition, enjoyment, or exercise by women, irrespective of their marital status, on a basis of equality of men and women, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural, civil, or any other field.
  • act or omission, including by law, policy, administrative measure, or practice, that directly or indirectly excludes or restricts women in the recognition and promotion of their rights and their access to and enjoyment of opportunities, benefits, or privileges.
  • measure or practice of general application that fails to provide for mechanisms to offset or address sex or gender-based disadvantages or limitations of women, as a result of which women are denied or restricted in the recognition and protection of their rights and in their access to and enjoyment of opportunities, benefits, or privileges; or women, more than men, are shown to have suffered the greater adverse effects of those measures or practices.

In order to stop discrimination, this act emphasizes that women are entitled to the universal human right.

“All human beings are free and equal in dignity and rights.”

It means that every individual, private sector, government and the society in general have duties to fulfill:

  1. Refrain from discriminating against women and violating their rights;
  2. Protect women against discrimination and from violation of their rights by private corporations, entities, and individuals; and
  3. Promote and fulfill the rights of women in all spheres, including their rights to substantive equality and non-discrimination.

As the primary duty-bearer, the State or the government creates law, policy, regulatory instruments, administrative guidelines, and other appropriate measures, including temporary special measures to fulfill these duties.

What are the rights of women?

1. Human Rights of Women – women must enjoy all the rights created by the government and international council without discrimination.

2. Protection from Violence against gender-based offenses.

3. Protection and Security of women affected by disasters, calamities, and other crisis situations.

4. Rights of women to participate and represent meaningfully in the following fields:

  • Civil Service
  • Development Councils and Planning Bodies
  • Other Policy and Decision-Making Bodies
  • International Bodies
  • Political Parties
  • Private Sector

5. Equal Treatment Before the Law. It means that the laws that are discriminatory to women must be reviewed and amended by the State officials.

6. Equal Access and Elimination of Discrimination in Education, Scholarships, and Training.

7. Access of women in Sports without discrimination.

8. Women in the Military.

9. Nondiscriminatory and Nonderogatory Portrayal of Women in Media and Film.

10. Women’s Right to Health through Comprehensive Health Services and Comprehensive Health Information and Education.

11. Special leave benefits for pregnant women and women with gynecological illnesses.

12. Equal rights in all matters relating to marriage and family relations.

Because of higher risk of discrimination, violence and abuse, women in marginalized sector have additional rights provided for them such as:

1. Food Security and Productive Resources

2. Right to Housing

3. Right to Livelihood, Credit, Capital, and Technology

4. Right to Education and Training

5. Right to Representation and Participation

6. Right to Information

7. Social Protection

8. Recognition and Preservation of Cultural Identity and Integrity

9. Peace and Development

10. Women in Especially Difficult Circumstances (WEDC)

11. Services and Interventions for WEDC

12. Protection of Girl-Children

13. Protection of Senior Citizens

Who are the agencies who can help women?

1. Philippine Commission on Women (PCW), in coordination with the

2. Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and

3. All concerned government departments and agencies and Local Government Units

4. Houses of Congress through the Committee on Youth,

5. Women and Family Relations (Senate) and the

6. Committee on Women and Gender Equality (House of Representatives) and

7. Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and civil society groups with proven track record of involvement and promotion of the rights and welfare of Filipino women and girls identified by the PCW

Even today, the discrimination of women around the world is still a global issue.

But recognizing the value of women and respecting human rights, we can move towards achieving equality and women empowerment at home, in school, at work and in the community.

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